Consumer Data Research Centre

Bespoke Training

The CDRC aims to build capacity in data analytics across a range of disciplines and organisations. We have access to highly skilled analysts and academics and we’re passionate about sharing their expertise, particularly in the following areas:

  • GIS software: ArcGIS, QGIS and GIS for social sciences
  • Programming language R and its research applications
  • How to analyse Big Data for topical issues in social science
  • Data visualization using software like Tableau

We also offer domain-specific training in the areas of transport studies; retail and consumer analytics; and crime and health data analytics.

If you, your company or team have training needs that can’t be met through the courses currently on offer, CDRC at Leeds would be happy to discuss the possibility of tailoring a training course to your needs. We will work with you to identify your requirements and endeavour to offer you a bespoke course.

At Leeds, CDRC can accommodate up to 50 persons* in its purpose-built, state of the art, training suite. We also offer catering to ensure that your learning experience is comfortable and convenient. We endeavour to offer both teaching and practical demonstrations that are immersive and designed to build your practical skills in data analytics.


Some of our previous trainees have said:

“The structure and content was incredible. There was so much information and teaching in the slides, the website, face-to-face, and the lectures. This is a model to be copied!”

“The instructors were extremely helpful and patient. We were able to use the content of the course with our own data to make useful maps.”

“It was great! Now, I have the basics to start using ArcGIS.”


Fees for bespoke training vary depending on the specific course requirements and training numbers.

If you would like to discuss putting together a training package with CDRC at Leeds, please contact Kylie Norman.


*Please note a minimum number for training will apply.