Consumer Data Research Centre

CDRC Big Data Fellowship Scheme

The Centre has fellowships on offer to postdoctoral researchers or individuals from outside academia (e.g public sector organisations, SME’s and charities) to undertake projects based at the newly opened Leeds Institute for Data Analytics.

This is a great opportunity for researchers to interrogate consumer data and produce impactful outputs, with support and collaboration from a team of experts in the field of data analytics.  The successful applicants will be given space within our new facilities as well as the opportunity to work with our multidisciplinary team.

The fellowships can be undertaken either full time or part time and are intended to last between 1-3 months.  A budget is available to cover reasonable expenses, including accommodation, travel and any expenses associated with the research costs.

Research Themes

The proposed projects should complement one of our main research themes.


The fellowship project should lead to one or more tangible outputs, these could include (but are not limited to) publications, software app, events or a joint funding proposal leading to future research with the Centre.  Please ensure you include details of these in the case for support.


Can the funds be used as replacement salary?

The funds are not intended for this purpose, we expect your current employer to continue to employ you for the duration of the fellowship.

Is the scheme open to international applicants?

We would welcome proposals from international applicants but would ask applicants to make their own visa enquiries and arrangements.

Will I need to relocate to Leeds for the period of the fellowship?

Although we do not require you to be physically based at Leeds full time during the fellowship, we would ask that you make an effort to visit the centre at least 2 days a week in order to facilitate collaboration with the team.

Please note that if you are using any data stored in our secure or safeguarded facilities, this will only be available to you on site.

My project doesn’t obviously fit with one of the listed themes, can I still apply?

We welcome applications for projects outside of our main research streams, however please contact us prior to applying so that we can provide guidance on your application and assign the correct support.

How to apply

Please complete the following documentation and send as a single email to Kylie Norman:

  • Completed application form
  • Title of your proposed project
  • A CV highlighting your experience and suitability to undertake this project

For further information please contact