Consumer Data Research Centre

Analysis of Click & Collect Services

Click and collect has experienced a boom in recent years, becoming a prominent fixture for many multichannel retailers. In addition, click and collect has been shown to increase physical store interactions and sales. However, there is limited evidence on the spatial and temporal dynamics of this popular channel and research is needed in order to optimise services for both consumers and retailers.

Working in collaboration with a major UK high street retailer, this research sought to utilise consumer data to further understand click and collect interactions across the UK. Firstly, spatial and temporal analyses are presented that aimed to explore store collection activities within the context of their local populations. Secondly, this work presents the development of a bespoke classification of click and collect users by integrating the data with the Internet User Classification (IUC; Singleton et al., 2016).

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Hai Nguyen, Les Dolega and Alex Singleton