Consumer Data Research Centre

CDRC data

The following provides a list of data the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) currently hosts on it’s data portal which users can either access freely (open data) or apply to access (safeguarded and secure data).

CDRC Data and Data Services

The CDRC creates, supplies, maintains and delivers data to a wide range of users who wish to conduct research using big consumer data.  We provide data with three different levels of access:

Open data service

Data which are freely available to all for any purpose following a simple registration.  Products include those created and acquired by the CDRC and products where the CDRC have added value. We have in excess of 10,000 open datasets, some of the most popular are listed below. For the complete list visit

CDRC Products Value Added Products
Classification of Multidimensional Open Data of Urban Morphology (MODUM) Geodata pack Geographic Data Science in Python
Business Census Data Access to Healthy Assets and Hazards
2017 General Election Data 2011 Census Data Packs for England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland.
Mid-Year Population Estimates Index of Multiple Deprivation Data Packs
London Congestion Charge Zone 2011 Residence Workplace Geodata Packs
Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2015 Flooding Risk
2011 London Output Area Classification Internet User Classification

Safeguarded data service

Data to which access is restricted because of license conditions, but where data are not considered ‘personally-identifiable’ or otherwise sensitive. Access is available via a remote service with registration and project approval requirements. To apply please see Using our Data Services and submit an initial application form.

FCA Financial Lives Survey 2017 OOMap Bicycle sharing system docking stations
SmartStreet Sensor Footfall Atlas Cluttons Real Estate Indices
High Street Retailer transactions Domestic Energy Provider smart meter data
LDC Retail type or vacancy classification LDC SmartStreetSensor footfall data
Bike Citizens cyclist movement data OOMap Bicycle sharing system docking stations
Otley BID Footfall Data Registry Trust County Court Judgements
Shop Direct transactions and products Synthetic population data based on 2011 census
Appliances Online transactions Callcredit CAMEO postcode directories
Youth Banking Card Provider – aggregated data British Population Survey
Active Inspiration activity data YouGov Survey Data
UK Women’s Cohort Study

Secure data service

Controlled data: data which need to be held under the most secure conditions with highly restricted access.  Access is available via secure services at CDRC sites, with registration and project approval requirements. To apply please see Using our Data Services and submit an initial application form.

Javelin Group ACXIOM small area income data Appliances Online retail data
British Population Survey  LDC SmartStreetSensor footfall data
GeoUniq location data series Domestic Energy Provider smart meter data
Historical electoral roll data 1998-2002  High Street Retailer data 2012-2017
Regional Transport Provider data Heart Research UK staff health survey data
CACI Consumer Registers 2014-2017 LDC retail type, vacancy and unit data
WhenFresh/Zoopla rental data Shop Direct retail data
Youth Banking Card Provider data WhenFresh/Zoopla sales data
DataTalk Consumer Registers 2003-2012