Consumer Data Research Centre

Archive of Extended Abstracts (2014 - 2019)

CDRC’s Masters Dissertation Scheme instigates several masters led research projects which seek to tackle topical problems put forward by industry. Below are a selection of extended abstracts which summarise the research undertaken by students who participated in previous years of the programme.


Adjoa Adu-Poku 2017 An exploratory analysis of the temporal fluctuations in footfall around Hammersmith town centre in relation to Business Improvement District events Hammersmith BID London View Abstract
Ayesha Ahmed 2018 Predicting customer churn for a telecommunication company National Broadband Supplier View Abstract
Thomas Albery 2016 Modelling Multi-Channel Adoption at Sainsbury’s Sainsbury’s View Abstract
Thomas Berry 2015 Exploring the utility of the 2011 Work Place Statistics to help The Co-op better understand transient new store locations, worker flows and worker demographics The Co-operative food View Abstract
Ulzhan Bissarinova 2017  Customer pathway and in-store activity Sainsbury’s View Abstract
Alexander Bland 2015 Identifying fuel and poverty characteristics through e.on consumer records and geo-demographic segmentation data E.ON View Abstract
Apichaya Boonpratanporn 2016 An investigation of what triggers customer activiation of credit facilities Shop Direct  View Abstract
Emma Branagan 2018 The Effects of Social Media on Trading Outcomes: A Company Case Study Shop Direct View Abstract
Ffion Carney 2016 Social Energy Responsibility: Identifying Vulnerable Energy Customers Through a K-Means Clustering Approach E.ON  View Abstract
Yifan Cao 2017 Estimate impact of slot availability on customer demand by using choice-based demand models Sainsbury’s View Abstract
Hoi-lam Chan 2014 Click & Cannibalisation: does the move to convenience online entice new customers or simply move old ones? Tesco  View Abstract
Akrash Chaudhary 2019 Analysis of Wi-Fi usage data to identify customer experience improvement areas National Broadband Provider View Abstract
Yi Cheung 2018 Forecasting travel demand for the Elizabeth line using smartphone GPS data Movement Strategies View Abstract
Duncan Clayton-Stead 2016 An analysis of Argos concession store performance located in Homebase and Sainsbury’s stores across the UK Argos  View Abstract
Sam Comber 2017 How competitive is propensity score matching using ‘address embeddings’ with supervised classification for record linkage tasks? LDC View Abstract
Jason Dalrymple 2019 Evaluating the impact a restaurant aggregator might have on a UK National Restaurant Chain and with that impact in mind consider whether prevailing retail theories apply in the online world. Industry parnter View Abstract
Alec Davies 2016 How does competitor presence influence the performance of click and collect sites? Sainsbury’s  View Abstract
Jyldyz Djumalieva 2016 Identifying drivers of full price sales of clothing and footwear for an online retailer Shop Direct  View Abstract
Brendon Edwards 2015 An investigation into the effects of a relaxation of the current Sunday Trading Legislation on the Co-operative’s convenience stores The Co-operative food View Abstract
Benedict Faria 2019 Assessing fairness/bias in binary classification machine learning models on consumers Experian View Abstract
Stefania Fiore 2018 Do not blame the weather: a study of the relationship between weather and online retail sales Shop Direct View Abstract
Luis Francisco Mejia Garcia 2016 Understanding and predicting consumer behaviour in music festivals with machine learning. Movement Strategies  View Abstract
Natalia Gil 2016 The performance of Argos concessions in other stores Argos  View Abstract
Matthew Grove 2017 An evaluation of the relationships between construction developments and retail vacancy Barbour ABI, LDC View Abstract
Lenka Hasova 2018 Investigation of prescription flows between General Practices and Boots pharmacies via spatial interaction modeling techniques Boots View Abstract
Jon Haycox 2017 Electric vehicle charge point placement optimisation E.ON  View Abstract
Audrey Henkels 2016 Can interactive data visualizations enable a retailer to identify new insights about customer purchase behaviour? Sainsbury’s  View Abstract
Yiqao Huang 2015 Shopping centre’s turnover estimation using microsimulation: an exploratory research in Inverness CACI View Abstract
Klaudijus Jarusevicius 2018 Understanding Media Usage Trends in 10 Populous UK District Areas National Broadband Provider View Abstract
Alex Jones 2018 A hedonic regression analysis of prime Central London rental values, and what implications this may have for the future demand and rental values of the Battersea & Nine Elms development Cluttons View Abstract
Erin Knochenhauer 2017 Pricing optimisation – a key tool in successful retailing Shop Direct View Abstract
Sophie de Kok 2018 Predicting customer quality based on early shopping behaviour in online grocery retail Sainsbury’s View Abstract
Chrysanthi Kollia 2016 Youths Spending & Geodemographics goHenry View Abstract
Radoslaw Kowalski 2015 Topic modelling online customer reviews Argos View Abstract
Neelam Kundi 2017 Exploring submarket trends in London: a constrained spatial interaction modelling analysis Cluttons View Abstract
William Laing 2017 Where next for Parsons Bakery? A preliminary quantitative location assessment exploring the link between demographics, competition and other variables. Parsons View Abstract
Mary E. Lennon 2017 Propensity modelling – moving beyond standard regression models & explorations into online engagement Shop Direct View Abstract
Jack Lewis 2018 A pioneering study exploring retail centre attractiveness using GPS data in London Movement Strategies View Abstract
Karlo Lugomer 2015 Relations between structure and performance of retail centres in England and Wales and demographics of their catchment areas LDC View Abstract
Eirini Milaiou 2016 Topic extraction and document classification on textual survey data with unsupervised modelling techniques. CACI  View Abstract
Ransome Mpini 2014 Segmentation of Clinical Commissioning Groups in England based on the prescribing patterns of their constituent General Practices GlaxoSmithKline View Abstract
James Pryor 2019 Creating & Applying a Multivariate Index of London’s Housing Market using Machine Learning Knight Frank View Abstract
Valeria Rojas Linares 2019 What is the potential for a Liverpool City Region bike share scheme? Liverpool City Region Combined Authority View Abstract
Kahina Ait Ouazzou 2018 Analysing Customer Behaviour for Shopping Centres in London Using GPS Data Movement Strategies View Abstract
Nicholas Samson 2014 Can smart meters save consumers and British Gas money and carbon by pinpointing which consumers are most likely and best placed to install insulation in their homes? British Gas View Abstract
Ben Savelli 2018 From browsing to buying: an investigation into the life cycle of a customer considering a purchase Shop Direct View Abstract
Alex Schwarz 2018 What factors cause long transaction times at self-service checkouts? Marks and Spencers View Abstract
Ying Shen 2016 An empirical study in to Co-op On-the-Go Stores’ turn-in rate using a scorecard approach The Co-operative food  View Abstract
Thomas Statham 2018 Forecasting network faults with Bayesian spatiotemporal statistical models National Broadband Provider View Abstract
Daniel Stockdale 2016 An investigation into the potential of Bluetooth Beacons to monitor the movement of people on public transport: A preliminary case study of the Norwich Bus Network Movement Strategies  View Abstract
Christopher Storey 2018 Assessing retail space use using mobile location histories CBRE View Abstract
Minal Suresh Patil 2019 Can we understand how demographics, product usage, revenue and product movements affect customers upsell journey? Virgin Media View Abstract
Jessica Swain 2019 Retail Centre Health Scoring Experian View Abstract
Ellen Talbot 2016 Customer Segmentation using spatio-temporal data Boots  View Abstract
Davina Tijani 2018 The use of online behaviour data to develop a ‘Time of Day’ consumer classification Experian View Abstract
Christian Tonge 2017 An exploration of mobile data: towards proximity based passenger sensing on public transport Movement Strategies View Abstract
Elizabeth Townley 2014 A Geodemographic Segmentation Analysis of EasyJet’s UK Customers EasyJet View Abstract
Terje Trasberg 2017 Identifying Socio-Spatial Inequalities in Student Housing in London Knight Frank View Abstract
Olga Tregubova 2014 European Union Government Open Data in Market Research: Exploring Current Discussion among Stakeholders on Opportunity, Accessibility, Usability and Desired Outcomes AXA PPP View Abstract
William Trimble 2014 Harnessing the power of social media to determine moving house flows and customers’ energy needs E.ON View Abstract
Anastasia Ushakova 2015 Can we identify vulnerable energy customers from smart meter data? British Gas View Abstract
Mariflor Vega 2016 Clustering Market Baskets with Bagging and Latent Dirichlet Allocation at Customer and Transactional Levels Sainsbury’s  View Abstract
Aude Vuilliomenet 2019 Stadia and Sporting Events in London, Use of GPS Data to analyse Spectator Behaviour Movement Strategies View Abstract
Chengyu Wang 2019 Understand spatial and temporal characteristics of HNWI’s aeromobility using Jet Card data Air Parnter View Abstract
Aidan Watmuff 2019 Assessing the impact of broadband inequality in Liverpool City Region: Identifying the causes of broadband inequality Liverpool City Region Combined Authority View Abstract
Yiran Wei 2014 How Open Data Resources can be used to define a Composite Measure of Cultural Identity & Heritage for England and Wales Sainsbury’s View Abstract
Marc Whalley 2019 Analysing customers who use discounts Shop Direct View Abstract
Paula White 2017 The impact of the night tube on Westminster’s Night Economy City of Westminster View Abstract
Daniel Winder 2017 Can harnessing the demographic characteristics of store catchments improve the planning of promotions and pricing strategies? Marks & Spencer View Abstract
Andrew Wong 2019 Analysing the association between Experian’s citizen classification and trip frequency to retailers in Bath’s city centre Movement Strategies View Abstract
Ding PG Wong 2019 Correlation and Predictive Analysis of Twitter data and Spending Activity in the UK Barclays View Abstract
Patrick Wood 2017 An application of statistical and spatial analysis techniques to engineer callout data from a UK telecommunications company National Telecoms Provider View Abstract
Yizhe Xu 2019 Improving the Customer Profit Margin Forecast Based on the LRFMC Model in B2B Enterprise Setting Air Parnter View Abstract
Runsang Yu 2018 Understanding footfall: using GPS data to define four shopping areas in London CBRE View Abstract
Clemens Zauchner 2015 Identifying the main drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction by mining customer verbatim feedback EasyJet  View Abstract
Yang Zhou 2019 Retail Centre Footfall: Planning and Forecasting Using Time Series Modelling Movement Strategies View Abstract