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Below are a handful of testimonials from business representatives and students who have participated in previous years of the CDRC Masters Research Dissertation Programme.

Testimonials – Businesses

Boots: Senior Portfolio Analyst, Space and Location Planning
“I had a good time working with the student. He was particularly good at taking on board not only the overall research objective, but also my specific requirement that he deliver us a working algorithm that we could use and develop further (which he has done). He kept in regular communication throughout, and was confident to question and challenge when necessary”.

Tesco: Community Plan Manager,
“I would definitely say the relationship has been very useful. For my own project, it was very productive to have a dedicated researcher to bring academic rigour and investigative ability to the knotty and overwritten realm of making a business case for green. The partnership also had the benefits of educating the student in the corporate world and the different needs and drivers within that arena. A win-win for both sides.”

Local Data Company: Director
“Working with the UCL student was a great experience. The student took responsibility for the project and required minimal supervision. The project was completed to a high standard and clearly illustrated the capabilities of the LDC datasets. The work covered a variety of key business issues and the recommendations and results will be valuable pieces of insight.”

Sainsbury’s: Senior GIS Analyst, Property Insight & Analysis
“We had a great experience working with our student, who had a fantastically professional approach and achieved a huge amount in a few short months, with an instantly useable Classification that we have implemented in many of our tools and analysis, and came to present the work to the team. The other great aspect of the project was that she taught us a lot too!”

E.ON Energy: Senior CRM marketing analyst, Customer insight and Experience
“For me personally it was a great experience to get to work with such a strong candidate with clear direction on what they wished to do and the drive to own and deliver it.  A clear and well delivered piece of work. The work undertaken covered a number of key issues and the insight produced will be valuable to the organisation.”


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Testimonials – Students

University of Liverpool, MSc Geographic Data Science
“Undertaking a CDRC Masters Dissertation Research Project gave me the opportunity to apply the skills and methods learnt during my Master’s course in a real-world context; making use of commercial data that would have otherwise been unavailable to me. Having the chance to work closely with an industry partner also helped to develop my understanding of how spatial analysis methods can be utilised for commercial research.”

UCL, MSc Business Analytics (Computer Science)
“I found  a very interesting dissertation project with a major retail company. The project not only allowed me to challenge my analytical and programming skills but also connected me with both industry and academia.”

University of Leeds, MSc Geographic Information Science (GIS)
“The CDRC Masters Dissertation Research Programme provided me with a great opportunity to showcase the skills learnt during my masters through the use of real-world business data. Working with an industry partner enabled me to gain an insight into how location analysis methods are used in business, which was very insightful.”

Warwick Business School, MSc Business Analytics
“Taking the project with Sainsbury’s has been a great challenge and yet the best decision I have made. It taught me a very valuable lesson, that efforts can really pay off. The whole experience not only strengthened my resume, but also enhanced my technical and soft skills”

University of Liverpool, MSc Geographic Data Science
“The CDRC Masters Dissertation Programme has given me the chance to develop the skills I have gained throughout university in a cutting edge working environment, using a unique source of GPS data. I am truly grateful for the inspiration, encouragement, and now friendships and career provided to me through this scheme – I would recommend the experience to any aspiring data scientists.”

UCL, MSc Public Policy
“As a student I greatly appreciated the opportunity offered by CDRC. I was shown not just how retail analysis can contribute to social science research but also had a great chance to get an insight into operational research due to the support offered by my sponsor company.”

UCL, MSc Geospatial Analysis
“Not only did I have access to data which would otherwise be either unavailable or costly, but I also had the opportunity to see how academic and professional worlds function and collaborate. I would suggest this opportunity to any MSc student interested in the retail and demography topics – it is definitely rewarding.”

University of Liverpool, MSc Geographic Data Science
“Through the CDRC Master’s Dissertation program, I experienced the beneficial relationship between academia and industry. While using Big Data, I was able to apply the theories and skills learned through my MSc to a ‘real-world’ problem, bringing my graduate experience full circle. Ultimately, the industry partnership has lead to an offer of employment and I couldn’t be more excited! I highly recommend this program to all MSc students in a related field.”