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Retail Location Analysis 2016 – videos now available

Retail Location Analysis 2016 – videos now available

30 years of insight into location planning: Retail Location Analysis (RLA) is an annual executive education programme run by the Oxford Institute of Retail Management within the Saïd Business School’s programme portfolio, now in its 30th year. It is designed for retail managers with oversight of or day-to-day responsibility for location planning and development and has become an important date in retailers’ diaries. This year, participants were drawn from organisations in the Netherlands, USA, Croatia, Germany, Ireland as well as the UK.

As in the previous year, with support from the ESRC’s Consumer Data Research Centre, the Institute will be making presentations from two of the contributors available on line. In the first, Jonathan Reynolds and David Rogers, Programme Directors talk about ‘Setting the Scene: Location Planning Research in the New Retail Landscape’ whilst Professor Alex Singleton, from Liverpool University, discusses his work on ‘The E-Resilience of Retail Centres’. Both Jonathan and Alex are directors of CDRC.

For the second time, two CDRC bursaries were made available to support the costs of attending the programme for academics from the Ireland (College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology) and internationally (Croatia, HIPD).


From left: Bill Dwan (Dublin Institute of Technology),
Alex Singleton, Ozren Pleše (HIPD),and Jonathan Reynolds.

CDRC presentations from the Retail Location Analysis 2016 available now: 


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