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Big Data & Health – Get Involved

Big Data & Health – Get Involved



Michelle Morris
Director of the ESRC Strategic Network for Obesity

The Big Data revolution has been embraced by health researchers and professionals. The new data horizon provides exciting opportunities to utilise new data and methods to ultimately improve the health of our nation – and in fact the world. In the health arena big data analytics has the chance to make a real impact on society, through research which informs policy and improves practice.

I’m thrilled to see so many Big Data & Health related opportunities coming up in the next few months.  The events aren’t just restricted to hearing about what is happening either, there are lots of chances for you to get involved, explore the available data and join the fight against the health issues affecting the UK.

Health Innovation Lab – 27 February (Leeds)

Student Datalabs will be running a data driven innovation lab at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics later this month.  It’s a great hands on opportunity for students to learn new data skills whilst working on health problems, specifically health inequalities and Type 2 Diabetes in Yorkshire.
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Obesity Network Seminar – 16 March (Cambridge)

The second meeting of the Obesity Network is open to everyone and will focus on Data, Methods & Models.  We’ve got some interesting presentations lined up including:

  • Modelling and visualising large and complex datasets to guide active travel policies
  • Interpreting results from analysis with big data: examples from epidemiology
  • Big Data and the Obesity Epidemic

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Big Data and the Obesity Epidemic – 17 March (Leeds)

Adam Drewnowski, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Washington will be talking about Big Data and the Obesity Epidemic.  The seminar will be the first of a series of Big Data seminars held at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics.
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Webinar: Exploring diet and obesity in children using geodemographic classifications – 6 April (online)

I’ll be giving an overview of the study I conducted exploring social and spatial determinants of diet and obesity in children at a local area level in two regions of the UK.  I’ll discuss the findings and focus on the benefits of combining multiple datasets to generate greater insight into applied societal challenges.
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New Health Datasets Available

The CDRC have just made two new health related datasets available to researchers.  There is Staff Health Survey Data from Heart Research UK and a Synthetic Population, both of which are available via application to the Centre.

Funded PhD Opportunity

We currently have a funded PhD opportunity available – Generating a Leeds Geodemographic classification: applications in policy, commerce and health.  The appointed student will have the chance to work with our partners Callcredit and Leeds City Council.  The deadline for applications is 5 March 2016.
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You can find out more about Michelle’s work with the ESRC Strategic Network for Obesity on the CDRC website or via twitter.

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