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Data Analysts User Group conference 2017 – videos now available

Data Analysts User Group conference 2017 – videos now available

On 20th October 2017 the CDRC sponsored and supported the 14th annual Data Analysts User Group Conference (DUG), hosted at the Royal Society.
The conference focussed upon Data Sharing: New Challenges, Opportunities and Examples…

There were some great presentations and stimulating audience discussion over the course of the day around the conference’s key questions:
1. What important questions am I currently unable to answer satisfactorily?
2. Where might data reside, that could help address these challenges and what should I put in place to make progress?


The presentations are now available to watch online:

Chair’s Introduction
Tim Drye, Director of Analysts User Group

“The Generation Deficit and other challenges that are revealed by data analysis…”
Lord David Willetts, Resolution Foundation

CDRC Master Dissertation Awards Presentation
Guy Lansley, CDRC, UCL

“Training needs and the Industrial Strategy”
Jonathan Reynolds, CDRC, Oxford

“New Research Indices: The opportunities from extended data integration”
Paul Longley, Professor of Geography, UCL and Alex Singleton, CDRC Liverpool

“Innovation at the ONS: Novel exploration of new challenges”
Tom Smith, Head of Data Science Campus, Office for National Statistics

“Opportunities from the new Digital Economy Act”
Paul Jackson, Administrative Data Research Network and Darren Tucker & Kate Davies Office for National Statistics

“Identifying Problem Families and their interactions”
Paul Holme, Manchester Combined Authority

“Barclays Local Insights: An example of delivering data to share”
Chris Fuggle, Barclays

“From Cosmology to Customers: the improbable applications of astrostatistics”
Dr Roberto Trotta, Dept of Physics, Imperial College London

Chair’s Final Reflections and the DUG Award

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