Consumer Data Research Centre

Demographic profile of pedestrian flows: linking Huq mobile geo-data and SmartStreetSensor footfall data


  • Recent research conducted by Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) at UCL discussed the potentialities and limitations of footfall data and mobile geo-data in the context of retail location analysis.


  • Footfall data derived through SmartStreetSensor project is collected using a network of sensors. This data provides information about the volumes of pedestrian flows, but lacks the contextual insights on the origins of the population.


  • The geo-data provided by Huq Industries captures around 6% of the average footfall, but maintains a continuous list of locations visited by the users over long periods of time. This information can be used to study the demographics and consumer behaviours of the population.


  • The preliminary research summarised in this case study suggest linking the contextual information derived from geo-data to footfall counts in order to create a comprehensive understanding of the magnitudes and demographic profile of the pedestrian flows in the retail centres.

Please find the full report here

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