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Demographic User Group Conference 2016

Demographic User Group Conference 2016

On 13th October 2016 the CDRC sponsored and supported the 13th annual Demographics User Group Conference (DUG), hosted at the Royal Society.

The conference focussed upon “Empowerment, Enquiry and Empathy – Reducing the soft skills gap” and bought together people from DUG’s 15 member companies, with special attendees from guests in government and universities, to spread knowledge and stimulate new ideas.

There were some great presentations and stimulating audience discussion over the course of the day around the conference’s key questions:

1. ‘What difference would it make to you, if analysts had clear paths along which they could develop their careers?’
2.’ In your own context what is the current balance between organisation and individual needs when considering analytical delivery?’

Presentations included:

  • Data Science and real science: Narrative and decision making in the academy and the ‘real world’ – Seth Spielman, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Colorado
  • Update on the Consumer Data Research Centre – Prof Paul Longley, CDRC Director
  • Fishbowls & Fabulous Failures: Are you curious? – Neil Wooding, Director of Strategic Planning and Performance, ONS
  • Democracy, Meaning and Negotiation: Empowering analysts both amateur and professional – James Morgan, Director of MI, British Gas
  • Team building by doing data for good – James Morgan, Director of MI, British Gas

Prof Paul Longley also announced the winners of the CDRC’s 2016 Masters Research Dissertation Programme:

Prize winner: Luis Francisco Mejia and Movement Strategies
Runner up: Ffion Carney and E.On
Runner up: Mariflor Vega and Sainsbury’s

Find out more about the Masters Research Dissertation Programme.

If you missed the conference, we will be making the videos available shortly and in the meantime you can view our Storify for an overview of the day.

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