Consumer Data Research Centre

Innovation Fund - FAQs

The Consumer Data Research Centre is pleased to invite proposals from UK-based academics for projects that will capitalise on our core consumer data sets, extend our network of partners and drive forward substantive and innovative social science research across a broad range of disciplines and research areas.


1. Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can find them here. Applicants should ensure that they and their organisation are able to meet the conditions of this agreement prior to applying for funding.

2. I have a dataset that I’d like to use for a project and am keen to work with the CDRC, but not sure I want to use the Centre’s data. Do I need use CDRC data in order to be eligible to apply?

To be eligible for funding, a project should utilise at least one of the Centre’s core data assets. The only way to become eligible for funding using an external dataset, other than by linking it to an existing CDRC asset, is if you are willing to deposit some or all of that dataset with the CDRC upon completion of the project. The CDRC will have no rights of ownership over those data, but will require that they become available for national use through our data service. We would strongly encourage applicants considering depositing data to contact us in advance of submitting an application.

3. What format should my application be in?

Details about submission format can be found in section 6.2 and details about content can be found in Appendix A of the Call Specification document. All submissions must be in the required format.

4. When is the deadline for applications?

1700 UK time on 31st July 2017 is the deadline for applications.

5. I’m planning a proposal for the call and I was wondering whether it was within the rules to submit two variants of the same proposal, a 6 month version and a 12 month version?

There are no restrictions in the call that would prevent you from doing this.

6. I’d like to submit a project proposal, but I know I won’t be able to begin any research until November 2017. Would you consider projects with this start date?

Ideally we are looking to fund projects that will begin in October 2017.  However, applications of high quality will be considered with alternative start dates. The only caveat is that all projects, irrespective of start dates, must be completed by the end of September 2018.

7. Can you comment on the suitability of my project/research for funding?

 If you are uncertain about whether your project/research area would qualify for funding, we would encourage you to make an initial enquiry at .

8. I am a non-UK resident and would like to submit an application for funding. Am I eligible to apply?

Under the conditions of this call, you would not be eligible to receive funding. Applicants must be UK-based.  It is possible to include international members in a project team, however we would be unable to fund any salary costs associated with this member.

9. Would the grant be able to support salaries of non-academic members of the project team, i.e. those from industry?

No. While we encourage projects that are interdisciplinary and that involve collaboration between stakeholders and researchers, those eligible to receive salary costs must be members of recognised research organisations.

10. There is a contract attached with this call, does it need to be approved and signed before the deadline 31 July deadline by our legal office or is this provided for information?

This document is provided for information and transparency and would be submitted only if you were successful.

11. Would you consider an alternative contract?

Our position is that the terms and conditions of our contract are non-negotiable, hence why we make them available for viewing prior to application and encourage applicants to share with the appropriate internal department.

12. I want to use CDRC controlled data for a project, but haven’t undertaken safe researcher training. Can I still apply?

Yes, you may apply. It is only a requirement that you have accreditation in this training prior to accessing the data. We can assist in arranging the appropriate training should your application be successful.