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The Centre’s four host Universities have a range of Big Data MSc and PhD opportunities available.


Below is a list of MSc Programmes at the host universities, which have a particular focus on the study of Big Data:

University of Leeds

MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy

Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics) MSc

Msc Business Analytics and Decision Sciences

MSc in Geographical Information Systems

University College London

MSc Geographic Information Science

MSc Geospatial Analysis

MSc Web Science and Big Data Analytics

Spatio-temporal Analytics and Big Data Mining MSc

BUSICS Business Analytics Msc

MSc Smart Cities and Urban Analytics

MRes Spatial Data Science and Visualisation

MRes Urban Sustainability and Resilience


Web Sciences and Big Data MSc

Big Data and High Performance Computing

Geographic Data Science


MSc in Applied Statistics


We currently have a number of Phd Students at the University of Leeds, University College London and University of Liverpool:

University of Leeds

Ning Lu

Eusebio Odiari

Rachel Oldroyd

Amanda Otley

Emily Sheard

University College London

Nilufer Sari Aslam

Ffion Carney

Kirsty Graham

Kira Kowalska

Radoslaw Kowalski

Guy Lansley

Alyson Lloyd

Markus Loening

Karlo Lugomer

Tim Rains

Balamurugan Soundararaj

Terje Trasberg

Anastasia Ushakova

University of Liverpool

James Bass

Celine Chalupa

Meixu Chen

Sam Comber

Alec Davies

Nicola Fisher

Melanie Green

Yunzhe Liu

John Murray

Nikolaos Patias

Susannah Philp

Natalie Rose

Krasen Samardzhiev

Ellen Talbot




Upcoming Opportunities

Co-funded PhD studentships

Partner: Boots, the Local Data Company (LDC) and Transport for West Midlands

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