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Recent Publications

Health and Wellbeing

Dietary Patterns Derived from UK Supermarket Transaction Data with Nutrient and Socioeconomic Profiles Nutrients – Clark, S.D.; Shute, B.; Jenneson, V.; Rains, T.; Birkin, M.; Morris, M.A.

Restricting promotions of ‘less healthy’ foods and beverages by price and location: A big data application of UK Nutrient Profiling Models to a retail product dataset – Nutrition Bulletin – Jenneson V, Morris MA.

Data considerations for the success of policy to restrict in‐store food promotions: A commentary from a food industry nutritionist consultation Nutrition Bulletin – Jenneson V, Morris MA.

Food safety vulnerability: Neighbourhood determinants of non-compliant establishments in England and WalesHealth & place – Oldroyd RA, Morris MA, Birkin M. (2020).

Assessing diet in a university student population: a longitudinal food card transaction data approachBritish Journal of Nutrition – Morris MA, Wilkins EL, Galazoula M, Clark S & Birkin M

Urban Mobility

Different people, different incentives? Examining the public acceptance of smartphone-based persuasive strategies for sustainable travel using psychographic segmentation. – International Journal of Sustainable Transportation – dos Reis R, Grant-Muller S, Lovelace R, Hodgson F. (2020).

Is the London Cycle Hire Scheme becoming more inclusive? An evaluation of the shifting spatial distribution of uptake based on 70 million trips – Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice – Lovelace R, Beecham R, Heinen E, Tortosa EV, Yang Y, Slade C, Roberts A


Incorporating E‐commerce into Retail Location Models – Geographic Analysis – Beckers J, Birkin M, Clarke G, Hood N, Newing A, Urquhart R

Sociodemographic and spatial disaggregation of e-commerce channel use in the grocery market in Great BritainJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services – Hood N, Urquhart R, Newing A, Heppenstall A.

Estimating small-area demand of urban tourist for groceries: The case of Greater London Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services – Ye Z, Clarke G, Newing A

Population, Housing and Infrastructure

Local and Application-Specific Geodemographics for Data-Led Urban Decision Making – Sustainability – Otley, A.; Morris, M.; Newing, A.; Birkin, M.

A hedonic model of the association between grocery brand provision and residential rental prices in EnglandInternational Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis – Clark S, Hood N, Birkin M

A classification for English primary schools using open data – REGION – Clark S, Lomax N and Birkin M

Linguistic and semantic factors in government e-petitions: A comparison between the United Kingdom and the United States of America – Government Information Quarterly – Clark S, Lomax N

Crime and Emergency Services

Cell Towers and the Ambient Population: a Spatial Analysis of Disaggregated Property Crime – European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research – Johnson P, Andresen MA, Malleson N

Ethical and Sustainable Consumption

Geodemographic Patterns of Meat Expenditure in Great Britain – Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy – James WHM, Lomax N, Birkin M & Collins LM.