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Recent Publications

Eco-labels, conspicuous conservation and moral licensing: An indirect behavioural rebound effect. Barkemeyer R, Young C, Chintakayala P, Owen A. (2023). Ecological Economics, doi:

Incorporating E‐commerce into Retail Location Models. Beckers, J., Birkin, M., Clarke, G., Hood, N., Newing, A. and Urquhart, R. (2021). Geographical Analysis.

Technology, transport, and the sharing economy: towards a working taxonomy for shared mobility. Castellanos, S., Grant-Muller, S. and Wright, K. (2021). Transport Reviews, pp.1–19.

An exploration of recent trends in the number of British pubs and how these vary by neighbourhood type. Stephen Clark, Christopher Leahy, Nick Hood (2023) The Geographical Journal

A Foresight whole systems obesity classification for the English UK Biobank Cohort (forthcoming). Clark S, Lomax N, Morris M, Birkin M. (2022) BMC Public Health,

Clustering Accelerometer Activity Patterns from the UK Biobank Cohort. Clark, S.D., Lomax, N., Morris, M.A., Pontin, F., Birkin, M. (2021). Sensors. 21(24)8220.

Using e-petition data to quantify public concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study of England. Stephen D. Clark & Nik Lomax (2023) Policy Studies

Identifying the effect of retail brands on private residential rental prices in Great Britain. Clark S, Hood N, Birkin M. (2022). Journal of housing and the built environment : HBE, 37(3), pp. 1489-1509.

Can a data driven obesity classification system identify those at risk of severe COVID-19 in the UK Biobank cohort study? Clark, S., Morris, M., Lomax, N. and Birkin, M. (2021). International Journal of Obesity.

A review of transport-health system dynamics models. Harrison, G., Grant-Muller, S.M. and Hodgson, F.C. (2021). Journal of Transport & Health, 22, p.101138.

Understanding the influence of new and emerging data forms on mobility behaviours and related health outcomes. Harrison G, Grant-Muller S, Hodgson F. (2022). Journal of Transport & Health,

EXPRESS: A Bad Job of Doing Good: Does Corporate Transparency on a Country and Company Level Moderate Corporate Social Responsibility Effectiveness? Heinberg, M., Liu, Y., Huang, X. and Eisingerich, A.B. (2020). Journal of International Marketing, p.1069031X2098187.

Exploring the Geographic Variation in Fruit and Vegetable Purchasing Behaviour Using Supermarket Transaction Data. Jenneson, V., Clarke, G.P., Greenwood, D.C., Shute, B., Tempest, B., Rains, T., Morris, M.A. (2022). Nutrients14, 177https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/14/1/177

A systematic review of supermarket automated electronic sales data for population dietary surveillance. Jenneson VL, Pontin F, Greenwood DC, Clarke GP, Morris MA. (2022). Nutrition reviews, 80(6), pp. 1711-1722.

National-Scale Spatiotemporal Variation in Driver Navigation Behaviour and Route Choice (Short Paper). Elliot Karikari, Manon Prédhumeau, Peter Baudains, and Ed Manley. In 12th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience 2023). Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPIcs), Volume 277, pp. 45:1-45:6, Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik (2023)

Consumers’ Environmental Sustainability Beliefs and Activism: A Cross-Cultural Examination. Leonidou C, Gruber V, Schlegelmilch B. (2022). Journal of International Marketing, (4),

Estimating household mobility using novel big data. Lomax, N. (2021).  In: M. Birkin, G. Clarke, J. Corcoran and R. Stimson, eds., Big Data Applications in Geography and Planning. Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.25–42.

An Open‐Source Model for Projecting Small Area Demographic and Land‐Use Change. Lomax N, Smith A, Archer L, Ford A, Virgo J. (2022). Geographical Analysis, (3), doi:

Internal migration: census data as a gold standard for insight and visualisation. Lomax N. (2022). Journal of Maps, (3),

Influential factors in customer satisfaction of transit services: Using crowdsourced data to capture the heterogeneity across individuals, space and time. Luo S, He S, Grant-Muller S, Song L. (2023). Transport Policy,

Predicting food safety compliance for informed food outlet inspections: a machine learning approach. Oldroyd, R.A., Morris, M.A., Birkin, M. (2021). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18(23):12635.

Characterisation of Temporal Patterns in Step Count Behaviour from Smartphone App Data: An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach. Pontin, F., Lomax, N., Clarke, G., Morris, M.A. (2021). Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health18 (11476).

Socio-demographic determinants of physical activity and app usage from smartphone data. ‌Pontin, F., Lomax, N., Clarke, G. and Morris, M.A. (2021). Social Science & Medicine, 284, p.114235.

Objectively measuring the association between the built environment and physical activity: a systematic review and reporting framework. Francesca L. Pontin, Victoria L. Jenneson, Michelle A. Morris, Graham P. Clarke, and Nik M. Lomax. (2022).  International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity.  

Household visitation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ross, S., Breckenridge, G., Zhuang, M., Manley, E. (2021). Sci Rep 11, 22871.

A dynamic microsimulation model for epidemics. Spooner, F., Abrams, J.F, Morrissey, K., Shaddick, G., Batty, M., Milton, R., Dennett, A., Lomax, N., Malleson, M., Nelissen, N., Coleman, A., Nur, J., Jin, Y., Greig, R., Shenton, C., Birkin, M. (2021). Social Science & Medicine. 291 (114461) 

Is cycling infrastructure in London safe and equitable? Evidence from the cycling infrastructure database. Tait C, Beecham R, Lovelace R, Barber S. (2022). Journal of Transport & Health,

Contraflows and cycling safety: Evidence from 22 years of data involving 508 one-way streets. Tait C, Beecham R, Lovelace R, Barber S. (2023). Accident Analysis & Prevention,

Supermarket top-up of Healthy Start vouchers increases fruit and vegetable purchases in low-income households. Thomas M, Moore JB, Onuselogu DA, Dalton A, Rains T, Lowry E, Sritharan N, Morris MA (2023) Nutrition Bulletin.

Last-Mile Capacity Constraints in Online Grocery Fulfilment in Great Britain. Urquhart R, Newing A, Hood N, Heppenstall A. (2022). Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, (2),

Estimating the social and spatial impacts of Covid mitigation strategies in United Kingdom regions: synthetic data and dashboards. Wallace R, Franklin R, Grant-Muller S, Heppenstall A, Houlden V. (2022). Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, (3),

Understanding the impacts of public transit disruptions on bikeshare schemes and cycling behaviours using spatiotemporal and graph-based analysis: A case study of four London Tube strikes. Yang Y, Beecham R, Heppenstall A, Turner A, Comber A. (2022). Journal of Transport Geography,

Estimating small-area demand of urban tourist for groceries: The case of Greater London. ‌Ye, Z., Clarke, G. and Newing, A. (2021). Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, [online] 58, p.102263.

Vol. 8 No. 3 (2023): Conference Proceedings for Digital Footprints Conference 2023