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Health and Wellbeing

We’re working with leading retailers and health care practitioners to better understand how the physical environment we live in influences our behaviours, and how this affects our health and wellbeing.

Urban Mobility

Our researchers are developing detailed patterns of daily travel behaviour which are essential in supporting infrastructure planners in their efforts to design effective, affordable and sustainable networks.


We are working in collaboration with leading retailers to produce a highly detailed picture of patterns of consumer behaviour that is relevant to businesses, academia and wider society.

Population, Housing and Infrastructure

Our researchers provide sophisticated analytical support to help the government and councils understand how population change affects the demand for housing, infrastructure and services.

Crime and Emergency Services

We’re working with emergency response partners to develop ways to use data analytics to better understand, predict and prevent crime and civil emergencies.

Ethical and Sustainable Consumption

Our researchers are working with key partners to explore attitudes to ethical and sustainable consumption, modelling and forecasting consumer trends and market stability.