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Does your organisation have a challenge question which could benefit from applied data science techniques?

If so then a project in partnership with CDRC, through the LIDA Data Scientist Development Programme (DSDP), could be for you – we are currently seeking external partners for collaborative projects starting in October 2024 and April 2025.

The award winning LIDA Data Scientist Development Programme (DSDP) provides data science solutions to timely industry, academic and public sector research challenges to social, environmental and health public goods.

About the LIDA Data Scientist Development Programme (DSDP)

The DSDP is a capacity-building programme, recruiting early-career data scientists to work on 6-month, proof-of-concept research projects using real-world data.

Through the application of novel methods, project teams comprised of internal University of Leeds academics, affiliated academics, and external public or private sector partners can arrive at high-impact, data-driven solutions.

Delivering Impactful Projects with Early-Career Data Scientists

Harnessing the 2021 Census for City Planning – Leeds City Council

“The Census is a vital tool in helping us to better understand our city and the people who live and work here. The depth of insight at the touch of a button this project has enabled us to access will change the game in supporting more people to access meaningful data in a user-friendly way.

In addition, the results from the project will assist us through informing strategic conversations with councillors, helping to guide our work on equality diversity and inclusion, and generating further lines of enquiry more quickly than we’ve been able to previously.”

Mike Eakins – Head of Policy, Leeds City Council

Optimising supermarket delivery vehicle routes – Morrisons

“This 6-month research project provided an interesting and insightful investigation into optimisation approaches for delivery vehicle routing. I found the collaboration with Jacob and the wider project team valuable and would welcome the opportunity to work with LIDA on other projects in the future.”


Nudging consumers towards healthier swaps – Lidl

“When developing this trial, we wanted to understand how best to help our customers make healthier choices at point of sale, where we know they make decisions. 
This trial has demonstrated the importance of product choice and types of messaging used. Going forward, we plan to continue testing what works around signposting, in collaboration with University of Leeds and IGD, to help customers eat healthier.” 

Lidl, GB

External partners benefit from:

  • Access to one data scientist for 6 months, working full time exclusively on your research project
  • Co-producing the research brief with a CDRC academic and guiding the direction of travel in the project
  • Interdisciplinary working with a combined team of academics and stakeholders with different expertise
  • As well as co-supervising the work of the data scientist, you will receive regular updates during the 6-month project in the form of presentations to your organisation by the data scientist
  • A final report produced by the data scientist at the end of the project, together with any other outputs as agreed
  • Access to the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics research community and premises.