Consumer data and research providing insight into societal and economic challenges

Our first online conference on Thursday 3rd March was a huge success! In just three hours, we had two amazing keynote talks from Judith Batchelar and Lauren Sager Weinstein, research project findings from twelve fantastic researchers and invaluable insights from four early-career researchers about their experiences of working in partnerships between academia and industry.

Recordings from all the sessions are on our YouTube channel – see the full agenda for more information.

What we do


Using consumer data to provide unique insight in to a diverse range of societal and economic challenges.


Working with more than 30 data owners to make consumer data available to trusted researchers.

Data Stories

Sharing our research through data stories that convey methods and key unique outcomes.

Education and Training

Offering a range of data analytics programmes and events for academic and non-academic researchers.

Working with Industry

Working with industry partners to better understand consumer behaviour, provide context to problems and improve strategic decision making.

Working with the Public Sector

Working with public sector partners to provide data expertise to provide context to problems and contribute to the wider understanding of societal issues.

Contact us


Tel: 0113 343 0242 (Leeds)
Tel: 020 3108 1098 (UCL)

Contact Us


Tel: 0113 343 0242 (Leeds)
Tel: 020 3108 1098 (UCL)