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We collaborate with industry and public sector organisations,
using consumer data to undertake cutting edge research

What can the CDRC offer your organisation?

  • Collaborative projects focusing on solutions to practical business problems
  • Access to world-class research expertise and state-of-the-art analytical techniques
  • An opportunity to utilise data which provide detailed insight into consumer behaviour

Undertaking a collaborative project with the CDRC can help you to:

  • Contextualise and understand problems
  • Devise novel solutions
  • Better understand consumer behaviour
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Improve strategic decision making
  • Improve effectiveness of operations
  • Contribute to understanding of wider societal issues

In this short clip, Becky Shute from Sainsbury’s talks about the benefits of working in partnership (full version shown at the Consumer Goods Forum Sustainable Retail Summit 2021).

Collaborative Research Projects

Collaborative research from short proof-of-concept projects spanning a few months to long-term programmes over several years.

Our flexible and adaptable approach allows us to structure projects and programmes to suit your organisation.  

Data Scientists

We are founding members of the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics Data Scientist Development Programme (DSDP) and support a selection of consumer-related projects in collaboration with our partners each year.

The programme enables partners to test new ideas, methods and techniques before committing to a longer term programme of work.

As DSDP project sponsors, partners set the project brief and then work closely with the data scientist and academic supervisors over the period of the project.

PhD Projects

Sponsorship of PhD projects for longer-term research, enabling partners to access skills, strategic advice, data and networks.

As a PhD project sponsor, partners work with our academic supervisors to set the initial brief, often specific projects that address advanced analytics challenges within your organisation.

Partners remain engaged for the duration, helping steer the project and are granted first access to research findings.

These projects are facilitated by the CDT Data Analytics and Society, which is led by CDRC Director, Professor Mark Birkin.

Data Collaborations

CDRC is leading Academic Engagement between Industry and the Social Sciences:

  • The acquisition of a wide range of datasets
  • Extensive documentation and creation of metadata for these datasets
  • Providing guidance for reuse of consumer data for research purposes
  • Secure warehousing of data and tiered access for trusted partners including Open, Safeguarded and Secure access
  • Linkage of consumer data to public, administrative and commercial data sources
  • The continuous refresh and updating of existing datasets which are being used to provide insight in the social sciences

We welcome discussion on ways to open up new data sources for the public good.

We are a trusted partner that offers General Data Protection Regulation compliant secure data services, alongside resources and expertise that leverages value from data assets and forges connections with academia.

Education and Training

Short Courses

Our short courses bring industry practitioners together with academic researchers, to equip participants with the skills needed to get the best from consumer data.

Our programme of short courses are open to partners and we can also meet bespoke training requirements.

Guest Lectures

We welcome partners to deliver guest lectures on our MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy, which has over 150 graduates per year.

Guest lectures and masterclasses cover both real-world applications of data analytics and related career opportunities, and enable partners to help shape the skills of the future workforce.


Our annual networking meetings address real world challenges for the reuse of consumer data, and promote the role of the Social Sciences through industrial collaboration.

Find out more

Our Partnerships Manager is a single point of contact for your organisation throughout the collaboration process.

They will work closely with your team to guide you through the initial project discussions, help with contractual agreements required and provide regular updates throughout the research phase.

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Contact us

Email: info@cdrc.ac.uk

Tel: 0113 343 0242 (Leeds)
Tel: 020 3108 1098 (UCL)

Contact us

Email: info@cdrc.ac.uk

Tel: 0113 343 0242 (Leeds)
Tel: 020 3108 1098 (UCL)