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CDRC Data Partner Forum 2019

On Tuesday 21 May 2019 the Consumer Data Research Centre hosted its fourth annual Data Partner Forum at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics.

The aim of the event was to celebrate the Centre’s achievement over the last five years and spotlight our research and partnership strengths. Led my Co-Director Professor Mark Birkin who introduced the session; stating that the CDRC has more than 60 partners, 40 of which are sharing their data with and through the Centre with an extended data research community.

The day consisted of three sessions, featuring presentations and lightning talks under the themes:

  • Smart cities
  • Mobility, migration and housing
  • Health and lifestyle

The full agenda can be found below.

Should you be interested in attending the event next year, or wish to discuss ways in which your organisation can engage with the CDRC, please contact Paul Evans.


Session 1: Smart Cities (Chair: Dr Yi-Chun Ou)

  • Welcome and intro by Professor Mark Birkin
  • Talk 1: Dr Yi-Chun Ou, University of Leeds – An understanding of interactions with smart objects and their consequences
  • Talk 2: Dr Emmanouil Tranos, University of Birmingham – Modelling clusters from the ground up: a web data approach
  • Talk 3: Professor Alison Heppenstall, University of Leeds – Using machine learning to uncover hidden structures and patterns in cities
  • Lightning talks:
  • 1. Dr Kevin Minors, University of Leeds – What is a particle filter? How can smart cities use them?
  • 2. Natalie Rose, University of Liverpool – Exploring the impact of weather on retail sales and consumer behaviours using machine learning.
  • 3. Alex Coleman, University of Leeds – Extracting actionable insights from free text police data
  • 4. Professor Roy Ruddle, University of Leeds – Using visualisation to profile data

Session 2: Mobility, migration and housing (Chair: Professor Alison Heppenstall)

  • Talk 1: Dr Kate Pangbourne, University of Leeds – Shifting travel behaviour through personalised messaging: data, argumentation, attitude and personality.
  • Talk 2: Professor Alex Singleton, University of Liverpool – Contemporary geodemographic analysis and urban analytics
  • Talk 3: Dr Minh Le Kieu, University of Leeds – Data-driven cities: bringing together machine learning and big data
  • Lighting talks:
  • 1. Jeroen Bastiaanssen, University of Leeds – Job accessibility and employment outcomes: the role of public transport in the UK
  • 2. Jack Lewis, University of Leeds – Assessing the presence of ‘e-food deserts’ in the UK groceries e-commerce sector
  • 3. Stelios Theophanous, University of Leeds – Synergy PRIME – Multi level Modelling, Simulation and Visualization

Session 3: Health and lifestyle (Chair: Dr Michelle Morris)

  • Talk 1: Dr Carmen Piernas-Sanchez, University of Oxford – Behavioural interventions to improve the quality of grocery shopping: working with retailers and clinicians
  • Talk 2: Dr Emma Wilkins, University of Leeds – Assessing diet and physical activity in a university student population: A longitudinal novel data approach
  • Talk 3: Dr Will James, University of Leeds – Local area estimation profiles and consumer attitudes
  • Lightning talks:
  • 1. Victoria Jenneson, University of Leeds – Supermarket purchase data in population dietary research
  • 2. Francesca Pontin, University of Leeds – Physical inactivity; determining the demographic and geographic factors using smartphone data.
  • 3. Michelle Morris, University of Leeds – What do you think about res