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Introduction to Data Science, Ethics and AI (Leeds)

This two-day course provides an introduction to core applications in data science, from programming and AI to data ethics. The programme purposely draws upon expertise across multiple disciplines and faculties in order to reinforce the benefits of multidisciplinary and collaborative data analytics.

At the end of this training programme, you will have gained confidence in command-line programming in R, mapping outputs in Geographic Information Systems, approaches to text analytics and AI, and have a solid grounding in what ethical questions to ask yourself when analysing data.

Course Content

Introduction to AI and Natural Language Processing for Data Analytics with Prof Eric Atwell

This workshop will introduce you to applications of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for text analytics using WEKA to uncover patterns in text. It is delivered by the project lead on the Artificial Intelligence for Language (AI4L) research group.

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems with Dr Rachel Oldroyd

A practical introduction to QGIS: a free, open-source Geographic Information System. You will learn the principles underpinning vector-based geographic data analysis and undertake tasks such as creating professional map outputs.

Introduction to programming in R with Dr Richard Hodgett & Dr Emmanouil Konstantinidis

This workshop will focus on data pre-processing and visualisation in R, two of the key steps in understanding and generating insights from data. During the workshop you will learn about the benefits of R, how R handles different data types and how you can begin to use R to solve complex data science, machine learning and statistical problems. You will work with R and its various packages to import, clean, manipulate and visualise real world data, whilst learning how R handles different data types and how you can begin to use R to solve complex data science, machine learning and statistical problems.

Introduction to Data Ethics with Dr Andrew Kirton

Andrew’s areas of expertise include normative and applied ethics, trust, moral psychology, business ethics and the psychology of ethics. In this interactive session he will enlarge upon these concepts and what they mean in the context of data ethics, including questions surrounding data collection and sharing.

Is this course for me?

This course is designed for beginners starting to think about the applications of data science in their work, and comprises of a series of taster sessions introducing participants to command-line programming, Geographic Information Systems, Natural Language Processing and Data Ethics.

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