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Can we use Big Data to help prevent crime?

‘Can we use Big Data to help prevent crime?’ – This is the question that CDRC’s UCL affiliate Kira Kempinska tackled when she presented at the Science:Polish Perspectives (SPP2015) on 30-31 October 2015.

Hosted by the University of Cambridge, the conference was directed at young researchers, PhD students and undergraduates of Polish origin, conducting their research at universities and institutes outside of Poland. This year the conference focused on every scientific discipline, ranging from the limits of quantum interference to the question of ownership of mammoth’s DNA.

Kira works alongside the London Metropolitan Police to produce tools that can help predict and prevent future crimes. Making use of large crime datasets and mathematics to identify patterns in crime and occurrence, she models interactions between criminals and the police to design preventive police strategies. In her presentation, Kira outlined methodological work in the area of crime prediction and prevention, focusing upon the detection of new crime hotspots, measuring the impact of police patrolling on crime levels and modelling different police patrol strategies.

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