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CDRC featured on Poland’s first 24-hour news channel

CDRC’s UCL affiliate, Kira Kempinska, was interviewed by TVN24, one of Poland’s most popular 24-hour news channel.

The interview discussed her presentation at the Science:Polish Perspectives 2015 conference (SPP2015), where Kira discussed whether Big Data could be used to help prevent crime.

As Kira says during the interview: “We cooperate with the police in London to show that with the analysis of large data we can increase the efficiency of their operation, which can help to reduce crime. The effectiveness of the police at any given time depend on various factors such as what they’re doing, where they’re going, who they talk to; we are using big data to optimize all of these factors”.

Full interview and associated article (in Polish, translation available).

Further details on Kira’s presentation at SPP2015 can be found here.

Kira Kempinska being being interviewed by TVN24
Kira Kempinska during her interview with TVN24