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CDRC host LondonR for R enthusiasts

On 5 April 2016 the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) along with Mango Solutions, hosted ‘LondonR’, the UK’s premier meetup group for users of the R statistical programming language. This free event runs quarterly at the University College London, with a series of workshops and presentations followed by an evening of networking at the in-house bar.

The event kicked off with a workshop led by Gabor Csardi, Principal Consultant, Mango Solutions, who demonstrated the basics of R packaging, finding and browsing code of R packages on GitHub and CRAN as well as best practices for R users.

The evening session was at full capacity, with R enthusiasts in attendance for presentations by:

  • RosettaHUB | the next generation data science platform – Karim Chine, RosettaHub
  • Highlights from the Shiny Developer Conference | Aimee Gott, Mango Solutions
  • Professional matchmaking in R | Building a simple, practicable recommender with R for matching expert professionals to those seeking expertise – Duncan Stoddard, DS Analytics

The next LondonR is scheduled for June 2016; the exact date will be posted on our website soon. For all past and present LondonR presentations, click here.

The Consumer Data Research Centre also delivers courses on R – our next course ‘Intermediate and advanced R for spatial data’ will be hosted at the University of Leeds. For more on this and all other training by the CDRC, click here.

For more on Mango Solutions.

Gabor Csardi kicks off LondonR with a workshop
Gabor Csardi, Principal Consultant at Mango Solutions, kicks off LondonR at UCL with an afternoon workshop