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CDRC present at Fuzhou University, China

On Monday 6 July and Tuesday 7 July 2015, CDRC’s UCL Director Professor Paul Longley and Research Associate Oliver O’Brien participated in the International Summer Program on Geographical Big Data Analysis and Applications, hosted by Fuzhou University, China.

The focus of the event was to discuss new technologies and illustrative applications of big data and data analysis/mining for geographical knowledge services. Paul and Oliver’s full-day session was entitled ‘Big Data analytics and the global geography of family names’.

Paul also gave a keynote talk on ‘Spatial Data Mining of Consumer and Social Media Data’ at the subsequent 2nd IEEE International Conference on Spatial Data Mining and Geographical Knowledge Services, ICSDM2015, also hosted by Fuzhou University between 8-10 July, and presented a student ‘best paper’ prize at the closing ceremony of the conference.

Oliver has written a blog about his first time attending Fuzhou University and the conference. This can be found here.