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Demographics User Group Conference 2015

On 7 October 2015 the CDRC sponsored and supported the 12th annual Demographics User Group Conference (DUG), hosted at the Royal Society.

The conference focussed upon “How can data analyses best be communicated to decision-makers? Visualising – Distilling – Influencing” and bought together people from DUG’s 15 member companies, with special attendees from guests in government and universities, to spread knowledge and stimulate new ideas.

This DUG conference was a memorable one for the CDRC; introduced by CEO of the Economic and Social Research Council, Professor Jane Elliot, it was used as a platform to launch the new data service.

Additionally, the winners of the Retail Masters Dissertations Programme 2015 were announed. Judged by Bruce Jackson (ESRC), Tim Rains and Chris Llyod, results were:
Clemens Zauchner, first place for his project with easyjet, titled “Identifying the main drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction by mining customer verbatim feedback”.

Further prize winners were Anastasia Ushakova (“Can we identify vulnerable energy customers in the UK using smart meter data?”, British Gas), Karlo Lugomer (“Relations between structure and performance of retail centres in England and Wales and demographics of their catchment areas.”, LDC) and Thomas Berry (Exploring the utility of the 2011 Work Place Statistics to help The Co-op better understand transient new store locations, worker flows and worker demographics”, The Cooperative).

For information on the 2016 Retail Masters Dissertation Programme, click here.

CEO of the Economic and Social Research Council, Professor Jane Elliott (l) alongside Deputy Director and Co-investigator of the CDRC, Alex Singleton.

Clemens Zauchner, first place prizewinner of the Retail Masters Dissertation Programme, pictured alongside Professor Jane Elliot during the students’ poster exhibition