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Developing retail insight through collaboration

At the beginning of May, the Oxford Institute of Retail Management, based at the Saïd Business School, brought together 35 academics and retail practitioners in an inaugural workshop to discuss how data can be better used and modelled to deliver insight into shopping behaviour and to develop thinking on a collaborative research agenda. The workshop was sponsored by the ESRC’s Consumer Data Research Centre, of which the Institute is a founding partner, and by the Local Data Company. The workshop was an opportunity to showcase the results of work taking place between LDC and the Universities of Liverpool, Loughborough, Oxford, Stirling, Henley Business School and UCL.

Presentations ranged from ’Understanding retail places’ and ’Understanding the customer experience’ to ’Modelling catchments & decision-making’.

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LDC/CDRC Thought Leadership event 2015, 5th May 2015, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford