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GISRUK 2020 – CDRC Researchers

Earlier this month CDRC researchers and students from the CDT Data Analytics and Society presented papers (virtually) as part of the 28th Geographical Information Science Research UK Conference.

Measuring Lifestyle Courier Work Area Similarity – Kostas Cheliotis, Sarah Wise, Fraser McLeod, Tom Cherrett, Julian Allen, Oliver Bates, Maja Piecyk and Tolga Bektas. 

High-Frequency and High-Resolution Neighbourhood Housing Price Dynamics: Identifying Spatio-Temporal Hotspots and At-Risk Areas for London, England – Jacob L. Macdonald. 

Evaluating the impact a restaurant aggregator might have on a UK National Restaurant Chain and with that impact in mind consider whether prevailing retail theories apply in the online world – Jason Dalrymple.

Estimation of small-area tourist demand using Airbnb accommodation in London – Zi Ye, Graham Clarke and Andy Newing. 

Must all maps be the same? A Mixed Quantitative-Qualitative Approach to Resource Allocation – Andrew Renninger. 

Towards data-driven human mobility analysis – Terje Trasberg and James Cheshire. 

Measuring Beauty in Urban Settings – Alessia Calafiore. Measuring Beauty in Urban Settings.

A Global Comparison of Bicycle Sharing Systems – James Todd, Oliver O’Brien and James Cheshire. 

Proposing a new method for creating integer weights for Iterative Proportional Fittings based on locally calibrated model – Jason Chi Sing Tang and James Cheshire. 

Retail Vibrancy and the Composition of the UK High Streets – Abigail Hill and James Cheshire. 

Towards Real-time Agent-Based Pedestrian Simulation using the Ensemble Kalman Filter – Keiran Suchak, Nick Malleson, Jon Ward and Minh Kieu

GISRUK is the largest academic conference in Geographic Information Science in the UK. Since 1993, GISRUK has attracted international researchers and practitioners in GIS and cognate fields, including geography, computer science, data science, and urban planning to share the latest advances in spatial computing and analysis.