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Founder and President of Esri at UCL

The Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) are pleased to announce that Jack Dangermond, Founder and President of Esri, will be visiting University College London (UCL) and giving a talk on his vision for how GIS and Geography can help address the global challenges we face today to shape the future for our world. Esri, founded in 1969, are a global leader in GIS software sales and consulting, operating across various public, private and third sectors. Esri’s solutions encompass not only desktop GIS but are continually expanding in web and mobile GIS applications, enabling new applications of GIS in research and beyond.

The talk will take place on 9 November 2016 at 4:15pm at UCL (Pearson Building G22) with a short presentation from key UCL research groups (CDRC, SpaceTimeLab, ExCiteS, CASA) on some of the high profile projects that Esri have helped to support, followed by Jack’s presentation on Esri’s vision as a company. Afterwards, a small reception, sponsored by Esri, will be held in the Pearson Building G07, where people can meet Esri staff and UCL students to continue discussions on future possibilities with GIS.

Places are limited so please book early and if you find you are unable to attend please let us know so your place can be given to someone else.

To make a booking click here.