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CDRC in the News

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Charge of the lycra brigade: will the Tour de Yorkshire attract more people to cycling?

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Where does your surname originate from?

The mirror headline snip


Our Named site, which received significant local and national coverage, predicted where we think you might have met and where your surname may be unusually popular. Additional media coverage in  The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Sun. 

The Daily Mail Named snip

The Guardian

How to fake a giant rat (and why you shouldn’t trust pictures on the internet)

Our researcher, Oliver O’Brien, put his research skills to very different use by concluding that images claiming a 4 foot rat had been found on the streets of Hackney were, infact, an optical illusion.

Image by Tony Smith - pictured with the giant rat

Image by Tony Smith – pictured with the ‘giant rat’



Mapping where immigrants settle in London, street-by-street

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