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SmartStreetSensor Footfall Atlas explained

We recently launched our SmartStreetSensor Footfall Atlas dataset and it has proved extremely popular. Read on to find out why.

The Footfall Atlas is a derived product based on the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC)-Local Data Company (LDC) SmartStreetSensor Footfall Data. It contains information about every sensor installed by the LDC across the UK since July 2015 until December 2017 along with relevant metadata for the network of sensors.

This unique dataset provides a detailed insight into the flows of people around many different types of retail locations by the hour and – unlike the Google popular times feature – these data contain actual quantities in the y-axis.

With these data users can draw from different fields and produce a wide variety of products, such as retail areas classification, comparisons of different footfall signals across different seasons (summer, winter), different types of retailers (restaurants, charities, mobile shops) and even different types of footfall at various points during the day (morning rush hour, lunch hour, night economy).

For detailed information about the CDRC-LDC SmartStreetSensor project, click here.

The SmartStreetSensor Footfall Atlas dataset can be located here.

For more information on how to apply to access this dataset for use in your own research go to ‘using our data services‘.

We launched the SmartStreetSensor Footfall Atlas dataset via the CDRC newsletter. To subscribe, email info@cdrc.ac.uk.