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CDRC Consumer Data for Research Projects

In addition to the CDRC Masters Dissertation Scheme, the CDRC also stores and disseminates large datasets for students and/or researchers to use in their own independent research projects.

These data are available at three different levels of access: open, safeguarded and secure, and may be of interest to Masters students for their dissertations given that the data are of vast size and have only very recently been made available to the research community.

All CDRC held data can be browsed on our datastore. Examples of interesting datasets are provided below.

CDRC held consumer data are split into three services depending on access requirements. These are:

Open data service

Data which are freely available to all for any purpose – examples may include geodemographic data derived from the Census. Users are required to register on the CDRC datastore and are able to download a wealth of open data for use in their own research. Datasets cover topics ranging from education, energy, mobility, internet and social media, amongst others. A list of all our open datasets are available here.

Safeguarded data service

Data to which access is restricted because of license conditions, but where data are not considered ‘personally-identifiable’ or otherwise sensitive – an example might include data from retail companies on store turnover. Access is available via a remote service with registration and project approval requirements. Examples include:

Secure data service

Data which need to be held under the most secure conditions with highly restricted access. Examples might include data on individual consumer purchases. Access is available via secure services at CDRC sites  (London, Liverpool, Leeds), with registration and project approval requirements. These include:

  • Smart Meter energy consumption data from a domestic energy supplier
  • Store transactions (linked to customer loyalty accounts) from a high street retailer
  • Electoral Roll data (1998 – 2012) and Consumer Registers (2003 – present)
  • British Population Survey
  • Debit card transactions from a Youth Banking Card Provider
  • Delivery data from Appliances Online
  • Online retail transactions from Shop Direct
  • WhenFresh/Zoopla Property Rentals and Associated Migration

Using the data

If you wish to gain access to CDRC held safeguarded or secure data, you will need to fill in an application form on our datastore. Please note that the research approvals process may take several weeks, so do apply early to ensure that you have secured data access before you commence your research. If you wish to enquire about using the data services email us at info@cdrc.ac.uk.