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Oxford Retail Futures Conference – call for papers

Understanding outcomes of data-driven research in retailing


Retailing is one of the first sectors to have employed large datasets at both strategic and operational levels for a variety of purposes, ranging from frequency marketing, store location, product selection, and supply chain management.

The amount of data generated by internet users, mobile devices, sensors (Internet of Things), organisational and integrative IT systems continues at significantly high levels. A high volume of data, in a variety of formats, can be relatively easily captured and stored.

However, the challenge lies in the extent to which data-driven research and analysis can deliver real insights and outcomes which carry genuine business value, how the results of the analyses will be used, and how data-related tools can improve business performance and competitiveness.

Topic Selection

In this call for papers or extended abstracts (minimum 1 page of A4), we would like to capture the current state of the art in areas related to large data sets and real-time analytics in the retail sector and supply chains, particularly but not exclusively – in relation to spatial data. Submissions may include theoretical and conceptual work, as well as examples from practice, but should focus on outcomes, impact, and/or managerial implications. Results of analysis of large data sets such as those of the ESRC Data Initiative’s Consumer Data Research Centre (https://data.cdrc.ac.uk/) are also welcome.

The call is focused, non-exclusively, on the following topics (applied in the retail context, both at the store-end and in the extended retail value/supply chain):

  • Analysing the spatial consequences of changes in customer shopping behaviour
  • Behavioural outcomes, including nudging effects
  • Changing role of performance measurement in relation to physical space
  • Consequences of data-driven analysis for retail business models
  • Data-driven changes in organisational practice
  • Ethical aspects of data collection & analysis
  • Evaluating the impact of new data sources for retail firms
  • Impacts of data on the efficiency of corporate decision-making by retailers, suppliers and third party business service firms
  • Implications of data-driven research in retailing for public policy
  • New methods and tools for analysis of retail data
  • Supply chain consequences of emerging retail distribution networks
  • The data requirements of omnichannel retailing

Papers submitted will be reviewed by the academic board. Extended abstracts and work in progress are welcome.


  • 20th August 2018 – draft abstract/paper submission
  • 24th September 2018 – notification of abstract/paper acceptance
  • 25th November 2018 – submission of final papers/extended abstracts

Members of the Conference Academic Board

  • Dr Richard Cuthbertson, OXIRM, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK
  • Dr Jonathan Reynolds, OXIRM, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Contact Details

The conference is being organised jointly by the Oxford Institute of Retail Management, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC).

Registration details can be found here.

For enquiries, please contact OXIRMEnquiries@sbs.ox.ac.uk.

Registration fee


The fee can be waived for students and presenters. Therefore, please use the dedicated students or presenters registration link.

All other delegates please use this registration link