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Propensity to Cycle Tool Hackathon

A hackathon was organised by Robin Lovelace and the rest of the PCT team to allow ‘advanced users’ to play around with the tool and come up with ideas for its future development. This follows the desire expressed by the team that the open source nature of the tool will increase its usefulness (Lovelace et […]

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Have the young returned to the polls?

One of the oft cited phenomena from the recent 2017 United Kingdom General election has been the rise in the participation by the young in the electoral process. Factors that point to this are an increase in voter registration by the young, greater turnout to vote by the young and an increase in the Labour vote share – since the young have a tendency to vote Labour. This piece addresses the first of these issues, the increase in voter registration and examines whether this can be tied to specific features of the population.

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