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Data-Sprint 2018

The Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) is proud to announce that we will be supporting the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in an upcoming Data-Sprint event. Spread across two days on the 20th – 21st March 2018, at the Data-Sprint teams of individuals with varying skill sets will generate innovative solutions for tackling organisational challenges. Data for the event will be provided by the FCA through the CDRC data platform and made available to participants the week before.

The Data-Sprint will focus around cases relating to the recent Financial Lives survey. For the published report, questionnaire and data tables, click here

The FCA has collated an extraordinary volume of consumer information and will experiment with this, in order to present findings that are insightful and/ or creative. Some of the key questions to be tackled during the event are likely to be: 

  •   What tools can the FCA use to best visualise these data and make the survey findings both insightful and easy to use?
  • How the FCA can create insights to inform specific organisational decisions? This part of the Data-Sprint will include a focus on the wealth of data on the financial products consumers have that the survey provides.
  • Can the Financial Lives data be linked with, or reported alongside, other data, to create enhanced insight? These other data could be FCA proprietary data, other proprietary data or data in the public domain.

Who can attend?
The FCA would like to invite you along to participate in the Data-Sprint. This will be a great opportunity to help shape the way the FCA thinks about data and collaborates with external experts.

How to apply?
If you’d like to attend, please email Ed Towers and Jimmy Galloway at ‘theanalyticscommunity@fca.org.uk’ by 3rd March 2018, including a brief description of your current role, your technical capability and what it is about the Data-Sprint that appeals to you.
Places are limited and will be allocated based on skills and availability.

For further information about the event click here.