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CDRC Researcher wins Best Paper at GISRUK 2023

CDRC Researcher wins Best Paper at GISRUK 2023

Lead author Dr James Todd, CDRC data scientist, winner of GISRUK 2023 Best Paper, with the conference organisers.

The 2023 edition of GISRUK (Geographical Information Science Research UK) conference took place in late April at the University of Glasgow with over 150 delegates, and saw a strong representation from CDRC-aligned Ph.D students and centre staff, with one of the centre’s data scientists winning the Best Paper prize.

The paper, “Dominant Trip Purposes within a Dockless Bicycle Sharing System“, was presented by lead author Dr James Todd, with co-authors Oliver O’Brien, Shunya Kimura and Professor James Cheshire, all of the Department of Geography at UCL. The paper was one of three shortlisted in advance by conference organisers and then voted on by participants towards the end of the conference.

Other CDRC staff and student presentations included Dr Meixu Chen on “Creating an energy deprivation classification at small areas in England and Wales“, Fransesca Pontin on “Identifying areas at highest food insecurity through open data: the “Priority Places for Food Index“, Louise Sieg on “Regionalising mobile phone data: attributing time components to optimised regions to create region classifications“, Eliott Karikari on “Analysing Connected Car Data to Understand Vehicular Route Choice“, Shunya Kimura on “The Use of Consumer Data to Explore Geographic and Social Variations in Online Gambling“, Nikki Tanu on “Residential Telephone Directories and Geodemographic Change in Britain” and Rob Davidson on “Levelling Up Health: A Review of UK Datasets on Place-based Measures of Health Inequality“. Additionally, Hamish Gibbs and Mikaella Mavrogeni showed posters entitled “Detecting bias within location histories collected from a panel of mobile applications” and “The use of in-app data to drive geodemographic classification of activity patterns” respectively.

CDRC was also a conference sponsor and had a stand at the event’s poster session, showcasing some of the latest CDRC research and also the Consumer Data Research book produced by the centre and published by UCL Press. CDRC staff outlined the centre’s mission and modus operandi, and a number of copies of the book were given to interested attendees.

CDRC’s Dr Patrick Ballantyne (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) and Centre Technical Manager Oliver O’Brien, with copies of the centre’s Consumer Data Research book, at the GISRUK 2023 poster session.

Photos © University of Glasgow photography team.