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Towards a Better Understanding of Footfall


Since 2015 the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) has worked with the Local Data Company to collect and analyse ‘SmartStreetSensor’ footfall data for research purposes. The data form part of the CDRC research data collections and are held in a secure data lab under strict access protocols.

To date, the technology, the revealed footfall patterns and their relationships with other data have received extensive attention in three University College London (UCL) PhD theses:
– Estimating Footfall from Passive Wi-Fi Signals (Bala Soundararaj, August 2019)
– Towards a Comprehensive Temporal Classification of Footfall Patterns in the Cities of Great Britain (Karlo Lugomer, awarded June 2019)
– Retail Sales and Footfall (Terje Trasberg – thesis in preparation)

Analysis has been based on more than 650 sensors sited across 80 retail centres.

Please find the full report here.