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Demographic profile of pedestrian flows: linking Huq mobile geo-data and SmartStreetSensor footfall data

  Recent research conducted by Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) at UCL discussed the potentialities and limitations of footfall data and mobile geo-data in the context of retail location analysis.   Footfall data derived through SmartStreetSensor project is collected using a network of sensors. This data provides information about the volumes of pedestrian flows, but […]

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Towards a Better Understanding of Footfall

  Since 2015 the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) has worked with the Local Data Company to collect and analyse ‘SmartStreetSensor’ footfall data for research purposes. The data form part of the CDRC research data collections and are held in a secure data lab under strict access protocols. To date, the technology, the revealed footfall […]

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How Healthy are our High Streets?

With the closure of many major high street names through 2018 with the loss of over 40,000 jobs the importance of understanding how our high streets are performing has never been more important.  With the Chancellor announcing £1.5bn high street relief along with the digital services tax in this week’s budget, the daily reports of […]

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